ACTIVITY RELEASE FORM: Kids Rule Parties dba Human Bumper Balls Read Carefully Before Signing

ANY PARTICIPANT OR PARTICIPANT GUARDIAN MUST COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING ACTIVITY RELEASE FORM I do hereby assume full responsibility for any and all damages, injuries (including death), or losses that I may sustain or incur, if any, while attending, engaging, practicing, participating or witnessing activity and/or certain event(s) occurring in or about the premises or at any offsite location. I hereby assume full risk, waive all claims and release and hold Kids Rule Parties Inc. individually or otherwise, harmless for any and all liability, claims, suits, damages, expenses, fees, actions, or rights of action or judgments as a result of injury or death to myself or members of my family or heirs, or my guests, or damage, destruction or loss to my property, which in any way relates to, arises out of, or is in any way connected with my presence on the premises, or my participation in events of activities thereon, or the negligent acts or omissions of the releases or any other third party. I agree to wear all protective equipment required while participating in the activity, and I am fully aware and understand that Kids Rule Parties Inc. does not have on or about the premises, or employ or contract with any medical services, provisions for ordinary or emergency medical services. In consideration of my participation in and the use of the Kids Rule Parties Inc. premises or facilities, I hereby release and covenant not to sue the owner of the premises (releases), shareholders, directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents, affiliates and lessees from any and all claims resulting from any physical injury that may occur to me while participating in any program or event sponsored by Kids Rule Parties Inc. I HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THE ABOVE RELEASE/WAIVER AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE GIVEN UP SUBSTANTIAL RIGHTS BY SIGNING THIS WAIVER VOLUNTARILY. Parents or guardians must sign if applicant is UNDER 18.

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AND I, the minor’s parent and/or legal guardian, understand the nature of the above referenced activities and the minor’s experience and capabilities and believe the minor to be qualified to participate in such activity. I hereby release, discharge, covenant not to sue and AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS each of the Releases from all liability, claims, demands, losses, or damages on the minor’s account caused or alleged to have been caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the releases or otherwise, including negligent rescue operations, and further agree that if, despite this release, I, the minor, or anyone on the minor’s behalf makes a claim against any of the above Releases, I WILL INDEMNIFY, SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS each of the Releases from any litigation expenses, attorney fees, loss liability, damage, or cost any Release may incur as the result of any such claim.

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